First Sunday After Christmas – December 31, 2017

Texts for the Day


The psalm this week is a hymn of praise. Continuing the discussion last week on the Magnificat, let us consider this psalm in more detail.

  • This psalm is part of a group of psalms that comes at the end of the book. Read Psalms 146-150. All of these are songs of praise. What do you notice is similar about them? What differences do you notice?
  • Psalm 148 depicts all of creation singing praise to God. Read the creation account in Genesis 1. Notice how all of the created beings in that narrative are praising God in this psalm. What does it mean for creation to praise God? In what ways have you witnessed this praise?
  • When we think of prayer, prayers of petition are what most frequently come to mind. We tell each other, “I will pray for you,” and ask, “What are you praying for?” Yet this psalm is pure praise. Nothing is asked of God. There isn’t even thanksgiving for the answering of other prayers. What could we learn from this? Could there be a place for pure praise in your prayer life?

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