Fourth Sunday After Epiphany – January 28, 2018

Texts for the Day


This week offers something a little different. The Gospel readings the first few weeks after Epiphany are particularly suitable for a spiritual practice known as Gospel Contemplation. This is a form of imaginative prayer that has been helpful to many people. Although it has its roots in Ignatian Spirituality and the Roman Catholic Church, there is nothing particularly sectarian about the practice itself and it can be used by Christians across diverse denominations.

This form of prayer can be done with any narrative passage of scripture. Scenes from the Gospels work particularly well. After reading the passage, try to place yourself in the scene. Who are you? What do you see? Use all of your senses. Are there sounds or smells that you notice? After spending a few minutes doing this, read the passage again. See how the experience is different.

If you are interested, the articles and resources below have more details on how to do contemplation and incorporate it into your prayer life.

Articles on imaginative prayer and Gospel Contemplation

A daily devotion based on Ignatian Spirituality. Many of these use the contemplation technique.

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