Fifth Sunday After Epiphany – February 4, 2018

Texts for the Day


The word apocalypse is usually associated in our culture with the end of the world, but that is not the whole story. The word apocalypse literally means revelation. Apocalyptic thought and storytelling relates to any time God is directly revealed and intervenes in the history of the world.  The Gospel of Mark is full of apocalyptic thinking.

Re-read Mark 1. The story begins with the heavens being torn apart and a voice speaking, “You are my Son.” (verse 10) Apparently, the tear stays open, because immediately (a favorite word of Mark’s) strange things begin to happen.

Questions for reflection:

  • Think about the apocalyptic in your own life. Where do you want God’s intervention, for the heavens to be torn open and the lines between heaven and earth to be blurred? Where would such intervention be unwelcome?
  • Where else in Mark to you see apocalyptic language and imagery? Keep this question in mind this year as we continue reading through Mark.

For those interested in learning more about this Gospel, we will be doing a four-part evening series on the Gospel of Mark. It begins February 11 and continuing the second Sunday of each month. All meetings are at St. James and begin at 6pm.

  • February 11: What is a Gospel?
  • March 11: Sayings and Parables
  • April 8: Journey and Passion
  • May 6: A Gospel for Times of Strife

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